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Macular Edema Injection Treatment - Media, PA

Macular edema is a buildup of fluid in your macula. Your macula is an area located near the center of the retina in your eye which allows you to see details, colors and objects at far distances. A buildup of fluid in your macula can cause your retina to swell and your vision to become distorted or blurred vision.

At Infinity Retina, Dr. A'sha Brown is highly experienced in diagnosing and treating symptoms of macular edema. After patients have addressed any underlying health conditions that may be contributing to their macular edema, such as diabetes, inflammation, and hypertension, Dr. Brown can perform intravitreal injection (IVI). IVI is an outpatient procedure designed to treat the fluid buildup in the macula and preserve your vision. Dr. Brown will work alongside you during the procedure and continue to monitor your condition after it is finished to ensure you have a healthy, quick recovery.

If you are suffering from macular edema, do not allow your condition to worsen. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Brown today to receive the treatment you deserve or call (610) 606-1671.

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FAQs on Macular Edema: 

What is macular edema?

Macular edema is a blister of fluid that affects the macula, which is the portion of your retina that allows you to see details, colors, and objects far in the distance. This blister can cause your retina to swell, distorting and blurring your vision. 

What causes macular edema?

Macular edema is not a unique condition itself, but is a symptom of several diseases of the eye. Some of the most common reasons patients develop macular edema include:

  • Diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Blood vessel diseases
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Hereditary diseases (retinitis pigmentosa)
  • Traction on the macula (macular hole, macular pucker, and vitreomacular traction)
  • Inflammatory conditions (sarcoidosis, uveitis)
  • Toxicity
  • Neoplastic conditions (eye tumors)
  • Trauma
  • Surgical causes (following eye surgery)

All of these factors have a few common threads to look out for: they cause leakage of fluid from blood vessels, increase inflammation in the eye, or cause abnormal blood vessels to grow in the eye.

What are the symptoms of macular edema?

Other than detection of a visible macular edema, the most common symptoms of macular disease we see at Infinity Retina include:

  • Metamorphopsia, or distorted vision
  • Scotoma, or blank spots in your vision
  • Blurry vision, which can become worse as swelling increases.  

If chronic macular edema is left untreated, the damage to your macula can become extremely severe, and eventually lead to permanent loss of vision.

What is the best treatment for macular edema?

At Infinity Retina, we always recommend that our patients first address any underlying conditions or factors that could be contributing to macular edema (such as diabetes, inflammation and hypertension), especially since macular edema is a symptom rather than a condition on its own. 

Additionally, Dr. Brown can perform an intravitreal injection (IVI), an extremely common and painless medical procedure during which medication is administered into your eye through a needle.

Each patient is unique, and Dr. Brown will work directly with you to determine the treatment plan that suits your needs best.